Chic Urban Skull Dog Bandana Collar


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Urban Attitude for Your Canine Pal Step up your dog’s street cred with the Edgy Chic Urban Skull Dog Bandana Collar. It’s the ultimate blend of urban fashion and practical design, making a bold statement while offering everyday comfort. It's not just gear—it's a tribute to your pet’s distinctive personality, fit for the urban sprawl.


  • Durable Polyester Duck Fabric: Crafted for lasting wear through city strolls and park escapades.
  • Vivid One-Sided Skull Print: Showcase your pet’s edgy style with a high-quality print that stands out.
  • Adjustable Comfort: Easy-to-use adjustable black collar ensures a perfect fit for playful outings.
  • Machine Washable: Low maintenance and easy to clean, staying fresh and vibrant after every adventure.


  • Small: Bandana: 6.93” W x 3.50” H | Collar: 10.00" - 17.00" Circumference
  • Medium: Bandana: 9.13” W x 5.51” H | Collar: 12.00" - 20.25" Circumference
  • Large: Bandana: 12.01” W x 6.50” H | Collar: 14.25" - 23.00" Circumference
  • Extra Large: Bandana: 14.50” W x 7.30” H | Collar: 15.50" - 23.50" Circumference

Why You Should Buy

  • Fashion Meets Function: Combines the edgy look of the urban skull pattern with the practicality of an adjustable collar.
  • Playful and Secure: The sturdy plastic buckle keeps the bandana in place, even during the rowdiest of playtimes.
  • Customized Fit: A range of sizes with a pre-constructed design that accounts for size variance to ensure comfort.

This product taps into the rising popularity of bold patterns and personalized accessories, as pet owners increasingly look for ways to express their pet’s individuality. Trend analysis has highlighted a surge in accessories like bandanas, as well as a continued preference for sustainable, high-quality materials​​​.

Bandana width, in 6.93 9.13 12.01 14.50
Bandana height, in 3.50 5.51 6.50 7.30
Collar circumference, in 10.00 - 17.00 12.00 - 20.25 14.25 - 23.00 15.50 - 23.50
Collar width, in 0.38 0.63 0.75 1.00


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