Dinosaurs And Pizza Dog Bandana


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Tail-Wagging Trends Meet Prehistoric Fun

Introducing the "Dinosaurs And Pizza Dog Bandana" - where the whimsical world of prehistoric creatures meets the universal love for pizza in a fashionable statement for your pooch! This bandana is a slice of delight, offering a unique blend of playful designs on an eco-friendly canvas, perfect for the modern pet who’s not afraid to stand out in the pack.

Features Section:

  • Material Excellence: Crafted from 100% sustainable polyester, soft to the touch yet durable for any doggie adventure.
  • Eye-Catching Design: A vibrant one-sided print featuring an array of colorful dinosaurs and scrumptious pizza slices that guarantee a standout look.
  • Custom Fit: Choose between two sizes (20" × 9.75" or 27" × 13") to cater to pooches large and small.
  • Signature Touch: Personalize your bandana with your dog's name for that extra special touch.
  • Quality Assurance: Each bandana features a neatly sewn-in label, guaranteeing a pre-constructed fit with a size variance of +/- 1", ensuring comfort and style.
  • Eco-Friendly Commitment: Embrace the trend of sustainability with fabric that respects our planet.

Why You Should Buy Section:

Steep your furry companion in the playful era of dinosaurs coupled with the zest of pizza. This bandana doesn’t just accessorize; it tells a story, ignites conversations, and embodies a lifestyle. Not to mention, it's a walking testament to eco-consciousness and personalized style. Let your pet wear their uniqueness with pride with our "Dinosaurs And Pizza Dog Bandana"!

20" × 10" 27" × 13"
Length, in 20.00 27.00
Width, in 9.75 13.00


Shipping & Delivery
Shipping Time: 3 to 8 working days


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