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Festive Christmas Bauble Dog Bandana Collar


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Sizes: S | M | L | XL


  • Bandana Width: S: 6.93" | M: 9.13" | L: 12.01" | XL: 14.50"
  • Bandana Height: S: 3.50" | M: 5.51" | L: 6.50" | XL: 7.30"
  • Collar Circumference: S: 10.00" - 17.00" | M: 12.00" - 20.25" | L: 14.25" - 23.00" | XL: 15.50" - 23.50"
  • Collar Width: S: 0.38" | M: 0.63" | L: 0.75" | XL: 1.00"

Celebrate the holiday season with your four-legged companion by adorning them with our Festive Christmas Bauble Dog Bandana Collar. This jolly accessory captures the spirit of the season and wraps your pooch in festive elegance.

🔹 Dazzling Holiday Design: Adorned with glistening baubles, this Christmas dog bandana is a merry addition to your pet's holiday wardrobe.

🔹 Premium Craftsmanship: Made from sturdy polyester duck fabric, this festive pet collar withstands the excitement of the season.

🔹 Snug & Adjustable Fit: With an adjustable dog bandana collar, it promises a comfortable fit for celebratory frolics.

🔹 Hassle-Free Care: This washable dog neckwear ensures your pet remains the star of the holiday show, without the worry of tough cleanups.

🔹 Versatile for All Breeds: Available in four sizes, it's designed to fit every breed, from the tiniest elves to the grandest reindeer.

Why It's the Perfect Holiday Accessory:

  • Festive Flair: The bauble print pet bandana adds a pop of seasonal cheer to your dog's look, making them a standout during festivities.
  • Durability Meets Design: The sublimation dog scarf is as durable as it is decorative, ensuring it lasts beyond the holiday season.
  • The Gift of Joy: A delightful pet gift for holidays, it's perfect for spreading cheer among the canine companions in your life.
  • Secure and Safe: Equipped with a reliable dog collar with buckle, this accessory stays put, from the opening of presents to the last carol.
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